Thursday, February 22, 2018

Suppression! Spring tour!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Stabmonton DIY Fest: Round 4

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Archagathus/Violent Gorge/Carcass Grinder 3 Way Split Tape
Recalcitrant - "Grind Carnage Discography Part 1" Tape 
Expurgo - "My Name Is Scum - Expurgo Discography (1999-2013)" Tape
D.E.R. "Rancor Ep" Tape 
Radiation Vomit - "Demo 2014" Tape
Unholy Grave - "Soul Grind Tornade" Tape

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New album from Thanatology is out!

The "Un legado de negligencia médica (capítulo 1ro)" is out! You can order this CD directly thru the Thanatology!

Debut tape from Lunk!

The "Reek Of Perspiration" will be out in few days at Aggressively Uninterested!

Heinous / Haggus

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen… Our good fellas from Heinous & Haggus finally made a split! Before their tour, the guys quickly released a tape version, and now (hopefully very soon) the vinyl will be released (and I'm freaking excited about that). So this split has a bitter gory taste, you will start to feel just from looking at this cover art. The artist did great work again! This creepy art looks fantastic! Strange guy that destroys human remains by turning them into minced meat, that is pretty rad! Haggus is the first band on this split and they started with almost Rock'n'Roll like tunes! These 3 songs were recorded in the end of last summer and they sound really tasty. Our masked trio put a lot of groovy punk energy into their songs. The riffs and song structures are so simple but they are also memorable. I can't say that they plunged into the gore in this records. Their side sounds more like mincecore with a good portion of old punk. The sound of their guitar is strong and buzzing, but I can't say the same about bass guitar sound. The bass sound is a little bit deaf and it is lost against the background of all the other instruments. But in general this is really awesome noise! 3 piece gore tornado from Phoenix sacrificed its recent record “Four Under The Floor” for this split. I can honestly say that Heinous has found its sound... slowly, but the guys made some noticeable progression, this recording session sounds really strong. The slimy guitar and drums are the best part, I have no complaints. The drumming is the perfect blend of slow beats, polka beats and blast beats which are fairly distributed throughout the entirety of the release. The guitar tone is deep and distorted, but crisp enough to enjoy and the riffs are really nice.No lyrics can be heard (if there are any), the vocals fit in perfect with the music. The guys use fierce screams, pitch shifted roars and something like growls… and I must admit, the hellish yelling is great! If you haven't heard this band before, then you should fix that mistake. Rating: 8.5/10 Heinous bc Haggus bc

New merch from Convulsions!

You can order these badass shirts directly thru the BAND!

Debut work from Posthumous Regurgitation!

"Exhumation of Cadavers for Research and Consumption" EP CDs are finally out! Six tracks of surgically precise goregrind carnage are sure to decimate your ears!!! About 23 minutes total run time. Out now at Absolute Power Records!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Deterioration/Inopexia Split Tape
Fiend "Derailed" Tape
Warfair? - "From Inception To Disentigration - Discography"  Tape
Excruciating Terror - "Legacy Of Terror Sessions" Tape
Deterioration - "The Power Of Positive Thinking" Tape
Deboned - Demo tape

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First look at Incinerated / Landfill split!

Out now at Ill Faith Records!

Cannibe / Dirty Harry tape 
Aligrindtor- Aligrindtor 
Disemboweler- Disemboweler

You can order HERE!

Armpits - Self Titled Cassette

Boston,MA a city synonymous with Hardcore. But, in the seedy underbelly of the Boston Hardcore scene writhes a purulent mass of Grindcore freaks. Armpits, the 3 piece Crust/Grind unit we have on the slab today is fine specimen of this breed of freaks. This cassette is pretty simple in design. No cover art just the Armpits logo, which conveys the fact that they are just here to start shit and have a good time. Let's dive into this sweet little treat shall we? 5 songs... Yeah only 5 songs. Don't let that fool you though. This neat little package rolls together plenty of roaring growls,blast beat fury and angry ass guitar riffs. Opening up with a song titled Ashen One, this dark can of worms oozes Black Metal undertones that really get your attention, only to have it turn around and become a Grinding tornado. As we roll on into As Seen on TV we instantly get bombed with Crusty riffs and drums topped of with a filthy smearing of vocals for good measure. Now, track 3 The Ballad of Louis Tully, is so straight forward it hurts. No angry,whining guitar or pissed off drums taking the lead, just all out aggression front to back. Lip Service follows the example of the previous track, displaying the utmost fury this band has to offer and holding back nothing. Now, we come to the end of the line. Food Fight has an old school Punk feel rippling throughout its angsty core. Taking no prisoners and returning nothing Armpits are easily a force of pure anger and fury expressed in musical form. Rating: 7/10 Armpits bc Armpits fb

X-Torsion on tour!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Good news from Grindfather prod!

Repulsione on tour!

Smallpox Aroma - Collection of Vivisection

Thailand is a country sort of shrouded in mystery when it comes to Grind and other extreme genres of music. Hailing from Bangkok,Thailand Smallpox Aroma bring us a bone splintering dose of Goregrind and Grindcore. This release features 70 tracks from across their discography. The cover art is very simple and doesn't distract you too much from the real artistry. Depicting a human head swarming with maggots and insect larvae. Now let's dig into the massive feast laid before us. I must admit it's definitely odd to hear Smallpox Aroma with a drum program/drum machine after being so adjusted to their sound with real drums. The first few songs are less Grind and more of a Brutal Death Metal/Slam feel. Which isn't horrible because they still manage to mix in Grind elements throughout. Once the real Goregrind/Grindcore fury kicks in it is just endless. Gurgling putrid grunts,bone chilling shrieks,chainsaw riffs and pinging to high hell drums! The tempo never seems to hit a lull, constantly feeding your aural receptors into a woodchipper. The raw energy and aggression shown on this compiled release prove this band is a force unlike most others. Several times throughout this album I wanted to get up and dance because the groove was so thick. Other times I wanted to rip someone apart in a mosh pit. To say this album doesn't have a bit of everything for Gore fans, is saying Thailand has no extreme music. Rating: 7/10 Smallpox Aroma fb

Antigama - Depressant bungle!

Out now at

Friday, February 16, 2018

New album from Expurgo!

Brazilian grinders from Expurgo almost finished a new album! The "Deformed by Law" will be out soon thru Black Hole Productions! stay tuned!